About H & E Trotter Ltd

The company, H & E Trotter, was started in 1961 and was known initially as H & A Trotter. The two brothers Henry and Andrew, who were builders & joiners by trade purchased a second hand ex-army wagon and mounted a vacuum tank on it. This was to empty underground tanks that they were building for farmers at that time. They were soon undertaking the servicing of septic tanks and spreading the contents on agricultural land. From there they progressed to spreading Dairy Waste and other materials that would be beneficial to agriculture.

In the mid-seventies the incursion into the dry waste business was initiated by the purchase of the company’s first skip wagon. The company grew in this area operating a Non Hazardous Landfill, two Transfer Stations, a Materials Recycling Facility (recycling in excess of 80% by weight of collected waste) and a Compost Facility. However in 2011 the Dry Waste Division was sold off to enable more concentration on the Liquid Waste operations and Composting.

Septic tanks continue to be serviced, albeit in a more technical and advanced manner, and suitable liquid wastes e.g. food wastes and beneficial organic wastes, continue to be spread on agricultural land where appropriate. In 2012 planning consent and Environmental Licensing was achieved to enable the construction of a Facility for the treatment of Septic Waste enabling this waste type to be once again spread on to agricultural land thus retrieving the nutritional benefits it has to offer.

A fleet of vehicles are kept fully employed within the business but regardless of the growth it is the strong, close family commitment to the business and its customers that set the company apart as being the leading player in its field both in Cumbria and beyond.