Food and Grease Trap Servicing and Gully emptying

In large food preparation establishments of differing types some material inevitably falls to the floor where most of which is cleared by washing down.  The cleaning procedure carries the food debris into the drain where it is caught in very fine meshed traps.  We are often called to clean out such traps to prevent blockages occurring.  This waste material is then taken for disposal to an appropriately Licensed Facility.  Gully traps are of the same nature in non-food establishments/factories where they trap and hold silt material which is collected and again taken for disposal to a Licensed Facility.

Servicing Interceptors

We empty and clean Interceptors on various garage forecourts and vehicle washing bays.  Generally the Interceptors are three stage catchment tanks which allow the differing oils and other polluting materials to settle before eventually allowing the water content access to the main sewer network.  On retrieving the pollutants from the interceptor catchment tanks they are then safely recycled or disposed of at appropriately regulated Licensed Facilities.

Bulk Liquid Haulage

Having a variety of vacuum road tankers we often carry out movements of large or small quantities of liquid or slurry for clients wishing to transport these materials to various parts of the country.  Our drivers are ADR qualified so hazardous materials are not a problem.


We have operated our Licensed Compost Facility since 2005.  We take in a large variety of organic, biodegradable waste for the process of producing an Agri-compost which farmers spread on their land.  During the process the material is checked on a daily basis for temperature, moisture and oxygen content which indicate when it is ready for agitating and turning with our bespoke machinery.  The finished material is sampled and analysed for nutrient levels so the farmer receiving it can adjust his fertiliser applications appropriately.

Septic Tank Servicing (and Cess Pits)

We empty and clean septic tanks of all sizes and in all locations.  We can service remote locations with our specialised off the road vehicles along with the more conventional septic tanks with our rigid and articulated vehicles.  Whatever the situation, or degree of difficulty involved, we have the equipment and experience to carry out the works in most circumstances and resolve most problems. You will receive the correct and legally required documentation on completion of the works for your peace of mind.  With an excellent service carried out with minimum of disruption you can also be reassured that the most distasteful contents of your septic tank will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner.  Your waste will soon be passing through our newly established Licensed Treatment Facility and will be made fit for replenishing agricultural ground with the numerous nutrients it has to offer.

High Pressure Jetting

We have vehicles equipped with High Pressure Jetting equipment that can handle the most stubbornly blocked drains of all types.  They are capable of loosening and clearing stones and silt, blockages caused by built up solid fat tissue and can even cut through roots which may have established themselves in the drains over long periods of time.  We are also often called out to wash down and clean all manner of tanks and plant/equipment of stubborn dried on material where we find the jetting procedure very useful.